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Nelson & Company Announces New Partnership with Quantech HVAC Equipment

Nelson & Company partners with Quantech HVAC Equipment, bringing high-performance, efficient commercial chillers to North Florida. This partnership enhances Nelson & Company’s HVAC offerings, ensuring access to Quantech’s innovative, energy-saving chilling solutions for diverse commercial needs.

Nelson & Company Expands Portfolio with Addition of Addison Dedicated Outdoor Specialists

Nelson & Company proudly announces the addition of Addison Dedicated Outdoor Specialists to its portfolio. Addison’s innovative HVAC solutions, including their state-of-the-art DOAS units, align with Nelson & Company’s commitment to providing top-tier, energy-efficient systems in North Florida.

LG Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Jacksonville Training Room

Nelson & Company has established a fully-functional LG Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) training room in Jacksonville. This facility is designed to provide hands-on training for local contractors, service technicians, and clients on LG VRF system services, repairs, and installation, enhancing HVAC solutions.

Nelson & Company Adds Cooling Towers to List of Services

Nelson & Company expands its HVAC services by adding Cooling Towers, partnering with Cooling Tower Experts, LLC. This new venture enhances their service offerings, providing comprehensive solutions for installation, maintenance, and repairs of cooling towers, ensuring peak HVAC system efficiency.

EVAPCO Joins North Florida Line Up

Nelson & Company is excited to welcome EVAPCO to their North Florida product line. EVAPCO, a pioneer in counter-flow cooling tower technology, is known for its environmentally conscious approach, using recycled materials in their cooling towers and closed circuit coolers.

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