Nelson & Company Announces New Partnership with Quantech HVAC Equipment


Nelson & Company Announces New Partnership with Quantech HVAC Equipment

Jacksonville, FL – Nelson & Company, a prominent HVAC manufacturer representative in North Florida, is excited to announce its new partnership with Quantech HVAC Equipment. This collaboration is set to bring a range of high-performance, efficient, and dependable commercial chillers to the North Florida market.

About Quantech HVAC Equipment
Quantech stands out in the HVAC industry for its fast, efficient, and dependable solutions. Specializing in high-performance commercial chillers, Quantech offers products that are not only smaller, lighter, and quieter but also boast lower installation costs and up to 50 percent operating cost savings. Their chillers are readily available and can be shipped nationwide, ensuring quick and efficient service.

Quantech’s Innovative Product Range
Quantech’s product line includes a variety of chillers designed to meet diverse commercial needs:

  • QTC2 Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller (15-30 Tons): Ideal for central station air handling or terminal units, meeting or exceeding ASHRAE 90.1-2013 efficiency standards.
  • QTC3 Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller (40-230 TR): Offers full and part load efficiencies, operating in a wide range of ambient temperatures.
  • QTC4 Air-Cooled Variable Speed Drive Screw Chiller (150-360 TR): Features state-of-the-art technologies for market-leading part load efficiency.
  • QWC4 Water-Cooled Screw Chiller (120-300 TR): Provides energy savings with variable speed drive technology and heat pump operation capability.
  • QWC3 Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller (50-200 TR): Offers superior efficiency for a wide range of facilities.
  • QCC2 and QCC3 Air-Cooled Scroll Condensing Units: Versatile units designed for either roof or ground-level installation.
  • QRC3 Remote Condenser Scroll Chiller (50-170 TR): Efficient solution for a variety of cooling requirements.
  • QTH1 Air-to-Water Inverter Scroll Heat Pump (35-140 Tons): Designed for decarbonization through electrification, with advanced compressor, coil, and controls technologies.

A Strategic Move for Nelson & Company
This partnership aligns with Nelson & Company’s commitment to providing innovative and efficient HVAC solutions to the North Florida area. Quantech’s range of chillers complements Nelson & Company’s existing product offerings, allowing them to cater to a broader spectrum of commercial HVAC needs.

Enhancing HVAC Solutions in North Florida
The addition of Quantech HVAC Equipment to Nelson & Company’s portfolio is a significant step towards enhancing the quality and efficiency of HVAC solutions available in North Florida. This partnership is expected to benefit a wide range of commercial clients, from small businesses to large facilities, by providing them with top-tier, energy-efficient chilling solutions.

For more information about Quantech HVAC Equipment and their products, please visit Quantech’s website.

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