Cooling Tower Systems at St Johns River State College in Orange Park

Nelson & Company Adds Cooling Towers to List of Services

A cooling tower supports the HVAC system in any commercial or industrial application. When a cooling tower is neglected or not properly maintained, it can decrease the efficiency of the entire HVAC system. 

Nelson & Company has been setting the standard in HVAC equipment representation, services, and parts since 2006. The next logical step was partnering with John Frietze to create Cooling Tower Experts, LLC (CTE)  as a partner company to offer cooling towers and systems to create a complete industrial and commercial HVAC service offering. 

Cooling Tower Experts, LLC was created in August 2019.  The business forged a new partnership between Nelson & Company president and mechanical engineer, Erika Nelson, and local cooling tower installation and service manager, John Frietze.

This partnership guarantees from new installations to maintenance services, parts to reconstruction, CTE  is available to support and expand upon the current Nelson & Company HVAC offerings. 

About Cooling Tower Experts, LLC

CTE is now available to offer nationwide services for cooling towers. Whether the need is training, maintenance, inspections, or brand new installation, CTE is available to help provide solutions to cooling tower concerns. 

Inspections – Quarterly, bi-annual, or annual inspections of a cooling tower significantly decrease downtime and emergency maintenance costs. CTE technicians are trained to identify and detect threats to normal cooling tower functions and offer solutions to keep it functioning at peak performance. 

Maintenance- Regular maintenance of all mechanical features of a cooling tower is necessary to maintain the lifespan and health. In addition to inspections, a regular maintenance program is helpful for identifying issues and getting them repaired immediately. 

Repairs- Emergency breakdowns happen to all cooling towers that aren’t on a regular maintenance or inspection schedule. CTE offers solutions to even the most uncommon failures.

Construction- Whether it’s a new installation or reconstruction of an existing tower, CTE has access to the best equipment and parts to provide the right new system, or rebuild and extend the life of an existing system. 

Training- Our technicians provide training for maintenance teams around the globe. CTE trains on all aspects of the services we offer and can assist in getting parts to keep the cooling tower and system functioning properly. 

Read more about Cooling Tower Experts, LLC on our partner website.