The Use of Heat Pipe Technology to Solve Collegiate Expansion Needs

Heat Pipe Technology is one of the leading manufacturers that is proudly represented by Nelson & Company. 

Working toward dehumidification and energy recovery, Heat Pipe Technology created the following case study to help customers, contractors and representatives understand a common use of their heat pipe systems. 

The Problem

Due to the population growth in Florida’s urban areas, local universities needed more facilities to keep up with the increased enrollment. Incorporating efficient HVAC systems is crucial to keeping energy costs low for these new structures. 

The Goal

Cut energy costs without compromising indoor air quality.

The Solution

HPT’s wrap-around Dehumidification Heat Pipes (DHPs)

The Result

With the DHPs, the air handlers were able to extract more moisture from the air and provide free reheat downstream of the cooling coil resulting in drier supply air that made it possible for the University to save energy without comprising the air quality. 

The University has installed over 36 DHPs since 2010 resulting in an estimated annual savings of $523,340.