Indoor Pool Dehumidification System

Florida Aquatics Swimming & Training (FAST) is a state-of-art aquatic center that supports the community with programs and training programs to train swimmers and athletes of all ages and abilities with exceptional coaching, premier facilities, and cutting-edge programs.

FAST had a need to cool and dehumidify its Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool. Typically, indoor pools create a high-humidity environment that can create uncomfortable indoor temperatures. FAST wanted to provide a comfortable indoor air temperature for both spectators and athletes in this traditionally high-humidity environment.

Nelson & Company’s Rory Stiglitz worked with Parrish McCall and CT Mechanical to create a complete dehumidification system. The solution is comprised of four (4) Desert Aire Pool Room Dehumidification units that can handle both the sensible and latent demands of the space, as well as the outside air and pressurization.

Dehumidification System Components

  • Two (2) Desert Aire QS60,
  • Two (2) Desert Aire SP70

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Benefits of an Indoor Pool Dehumidification System

  • Improved indoor air quality protecting the health of swimmers, divers, coaches, and spectators.
  • Enhanced long-term structural integrity of the building and supporting systems.
  • Conserved energy, water, and water treatment resources.


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