Equipment Startup Form

This form must be completed for each system installed on site. All completed Equipment Startup Forms must be returned to Nelson & Company Engineered Service 14 days prior to the date of startup for the technician to perform startup. This Nelson & Company Equipment Form is superseded by the manufacturer’s form if attached.
Project Address:(Required)
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Contact Name:(Required)

Unit Information

If system is a LG VRF, please list all tag #, serial #, and model # information in the space provided below. NOTE: By returning this form completed and signed, you are confirming that the equipment described above is in proper condition for the startup. If these items are not completed on the date of the startup, causing a delay in startup or need for a return visit, there will be a charge of $1,200 per day plus any applicable travel expenses.
please list all tag #, serial #, and model # information for LG VRF system.


Is power wiring terminated to equipment?(Required)
Has voltage/power been verified at disconnect per name plate rating on unit?(Required)


Are all factory provided field controls mounted and terminated correctly?(Required)
Have all terminated controls been checked per control drawing and submittal?(Required)
Has all control wiring been installed per control drawing and submittal?(Required)


Has all refrigerant piping been installed in accordance with manufacturer’s submittal?(Required)
Has there been a pressure test of the system?(Required)
Has a correct field charge been added to the system?(Required)
Is there additional refrigerant on the job site?(Required)
Has the water flow thru unit been verified?(Required)
Have all strainers been cleaned on equipment to be started up?(Required)
Are all factory accessories installed per manufacturer’s instructions?(Required)
Are all drain lines installed and properly trapped?(Required)
Is there proper service access to all equipment?(Required)
Is all ductwork installed per mechanical drawings?(Required)
Are all dampers (manual, control, smoke, etc) open and operational?(Required)
Are all filters installed properly?(Required)