AtmosAir Filtration Combats COVID-19

AtmosAir is the only air purification system that continuously decontaminates indoor air and disinfects both the air you breath and the surfaces you touch.

It is a proven effective tool in preventing direct and indirect transmission of the New Coronavirus.

Available for Residences and Commercial Businesses.


COVID-19 can be spread two ways

  • Via aerosols directly through infected people coughing or sneezing or touching an infected person’s hands or face
  • Indirectly through touching contaminated surfaces like doorknobs, elevator buttons and countertops and then touching your nose, eyes or mouth

By continuously emitting bi-polar ions into the air, the AtmosAir System disinfects both breathing spaces and surfaces, preventing both the direct and indirect spread of the illness. Essentially, it “scrubs” clean the air and surfaces in your living space.

Bi-polar ionization works by destroying the surface of the virus, effectively preventing it from harming healthy cells in the body, even if ingested.


How can AtmosAir help?

AtmosAir has been scientifically proven, in multiple studies, to show a significant reduction on bacteria and viruses in both laboratory and situational testing.

Testing shows significant efficacy with 98%+ reduction capability on both directly and indirectly transmitted microorganisms in the air and on surfaces.

Not only can AtmosAir help slow the rate of infection, it can help keep you and your family safe and restore some peace of mind in these uncertain times.

Myth-Busting Air Filtration and UV Light’s
Effectiveness Against the New Coronavirus

The truth is:

  • Air Filtration only kills air-born contaminants, not surface-based ones. It’s unlikely that air-born contaminants will travel into a duct system and make it all the way to the filter.
  • UV Lights are a surface cleaner in your duct system. It’s unlikely that air-born contaminants will travel into the duct system, and it’s not feasible to put a UV light directly in your work space.

Bi-polar ionizers like AtmosAir have proven to kill surface-based contaminants in commercial work spaces, including coronavirus.