University of North Florida gets New Fans from Strobic Air

The University of North Florida benefits from the outstanding customer satisfaction guarantee of Nelson & Company, and the superior quality of the brands they represent.

Nelson & Company sprung into action when it was discovered that the newly installed exhaust fans in the UNF Science & Engineering building were below standard. They notified Strobic Air, the equipment manufacturer, who volunteered to cover the expense of labor and installation along with the replacement equipment for all the fans.

The Strobic Air exhaust fans are supposed to be constructed with a primer coating for outdoor use and a 5,000 + hour salt-spray rating.  The ones initially installed on this project had incorrectly applied primer coating and was failing. Since fume hood exhaust fans are life safety devices that are meant to be corrosion resistant and have life expectancies of more than 20 years, something needed to be done.

Once the replacement equipment was received, Nelson & Company swapped out the fans during the university’s Christmas Break.

Not only is this one example of how Nelson & Company goes the extra mile to ensure our customer satisfaction, but it also shows why we only work with the world’s leading HVAC manufacturers. When the chips were down, Strobic Air stepped up to the plate and took full responsibility and provided the means to correct the problem.